Borderlands, by Eli Roth all spit

Eli Roth's new film is revealed in a trailer which, while respecting the spirit of the original game, is very far from being lacy.

A first glimpse which sets the tone with actors laughing, big explosions, very crude jokes and a schoolboy humor typical of Eli Roth, who has made one-upmanship and the absence of finesse a signature.

Adaptation of the eponymous video game, Borderlands welcomes, among others, Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart and Jamie Lee Curtis. The official synopsis states: “Lilith, a bounty hunter with a troubled past, reluctantly returns to her home planet, Pandora, the most chaotic planet in the galaxy... Her mission is to find the missing daughter of Atlas, the man the most powerful (and most despicable) in the universe. To get there, Lilith will have to form an unexpected alliance with a happy team of misfits.”

6 years of development, a bad sign?££££

A trailer which suggests a good little B series of kitsch and surreal action well in the world of the game (the special effects seem rather successful ), sort of a mix between Mad Max, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad. But, and it's a big but, the development of the film took six years, the "retakes" (new shots) of certain scenes were carried out by someone other than Eli Roth, and this kind of information on behind the scenes of a film almost never bodes well for the final result. Answer on August 7, release date of the film in French theaters.