France 2 UHD and France 3 UHD on 4K TNT, broadcast authorization validated

Arcom, the Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication in France, has just authorized the channels France 2 UHD and France 3 UHD to broadcast their signal in Ulra High Definition, or to launch 4K DTT in France and in the overseas territories concerned.

At the government's request, made last spring, Arcom therefore authorized France 2 UHD and France 3 UHD on October 25, 2023 to broadcast their signal in Ultra HD quality for the period from July 10 to September 10, 2024. Either dates in line with the events of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and the 2024 Paralympic Games. This authorization concerns a large part of the metropolitan population, around 70%, and nine overseas communities.

France 2 UHD and France 3 UHD, channels 52 and 53 while waiting for HD Simulcast

The France 2 UHD and France 3 UHD channels will be respectively accessible on TNT channels 52 and 53. Of course, the current France 2 HD and France 3 HD channels remain on their usual channel. For the continuation of 4K DTT, in particular the implementation of the HD Simulcast process, (see our previous news Alert: 100% of DTT switches to 4K in 2029 at the latest (Switch-off) to find out more) , other authorizations (or the extension of these) will be necessary since it is planned that the broadcast of France 2 UHD will continue on a permanent basis from September 10.

TNT 4K, launch planned in the coming weeks

Finally, the Arcom press release specifies that the commissioning of the first UHD transmitters, therefore the broadcast of France 2 UHD, should take place in the coming weeks. In addition, several private publishers have expressed interest to Arcom in broadcasting their service in UHD quality. France 2 UHD should therefore not remain the only 4K DTT channel for too long.