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Hisense 100LX/120LX 8K Laser TV, specifications update

After a presentation at the CES show in Las Vegas 2023 last January and a press conference in China in the spring, the Hisense 120LX Laser TV was present on the brand's stand at the IFA show in Berlin 2023 at the end of August-beginning of September. With some additional technical details.

The representatives of Hisense France met at the IFA show in Berlin mentioned availability of the Hisense 120LX Laser TV in 2024. Its price has not changed since its presentation at the CES in Las Vegas 2023 which was held in January , 28,000 euros.

Hisense 120LX 8K Laser TV, good for the planet!

On the other hand, we now know that the Hisense 120LX Laser TV consumes between 400 W and 500 W, or approximately half as much as a television of the same diagonal. There is no 120'' TV you will tell us... Certainly but it is a question of time, TCL has for example announced a 115'' Mini LED television for 2024. And there are 100'' TVs or almost . As proof, we want the slew of 98'' screens announced by Samsung and, again, TCL at IFA (see our IFA Report from Berlin 2023). The argument linked to energy saving therefore makes sense. In the same vein, Hisense France also insisted on the sustainable nature of the 120LX, and more generally of Laser TVs, which are 92% recyclable.

Laser TV 8K Hisense 120LX/100LX, the two go hand in hand

Since the conference in China, we know that the Hisense 100LX (100'', 254 cm) will also be on the program, in addition to the Hisense 120LX (120'', 305 cm). Likewise, the Rec.2020 gamut displays 110% coverage (compared to 100% last January), good news for HDR signals.

Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1/NFC compatibility are required. The Vidaa Smart TV function associated with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of flash memory is also present. Not forgetting HDR Dolby Vision compatibility.

Even if Hisense is still tight-lipped about its latest addition, we still know that its brightness on a 120'' screen, or 305 cm (not output from a video projector), displays up to 400 nits. An appreciable value for rendering an HDR signal for example.

Hisense 120LX/100LX 8K Laser TV, Main Specifications

For the rest, the Hisense 120LX and Hisense 100LX are still triple laser models (exclusive Trichroma technology) equipped with a 4.1.2 sound section, Dolby Atmos compatible, from Harman Kardon. The management of DTS Virtual:X, present at the CES show, may no longer be relevant (question of licensing fees for Europe). A motion detection module is present to locate the viewer in space and focus the sound to optimize sound reproduction. Always note the Imax Enhanced certification.

0.94'' 8K DMD chip revealed by Hisense/Texas Instrument

While until now, Hisense Laser TV hardware included 0.47'' (1.2 cm) or 0.66'' (1.67 cm) DMD chips, the 8K models are built around a new 0.94'' (2.38 cm) DMD chip unveiled during the manufacturer's press conference in China. This is a more than interesting clarification because, at the time of writing these lines, such a chip still does not exist in the TI catalog (Texas Instrument, creator of DLP technology). The TI offering is currently topped by a 0.78'' (1.98 cm) chip with native Ultra HD 4K resolution, we should undoubtedly see in this future 0.94'' chip a close collaboration with Hisense, which would thus have temporary exclusivity.

Ultra HD 8K via XPR process

We finally know that the display of 33 million pixels of UHD 8K definition is linked to a resolution obtained via the XPR (wobulation) process. Indeed, the 0.94'' chip is based on a native Ultra HD matrix associated with a 240 Hz wobulation process which generates four Ultra HD images in order to display an Ultra HD 8K image at a frequency of 60 hertz.

Availability announced for 2024. Indicative price: 28,000 euros.