Samsung TQ83S90C, TV White Oled 83 '' (211 cm) at the IFA in Berlin in September?

The first White Oled TV with the Samsung logo could appear in stores from September onwards with the reference Samsung TQ83S90C (83'', 211 cm).

As for leaks concerning LG TVs over the last three years, the leak on the Samsung TQ83S90C does not come from the Asian manufacturer but from the Korean certification body (with the SC90A, equivalent to the European S90C model) whose approval is mandatory for all electronic devices marketed in South Korea.

Samsung TQ83S90C, White Oled Ultra HD 4K TV

Indeed, the National Radio Research Institute measures and validates the radio wave emissions of electronic equipment to avoid interference between them. It was on this occasion that the Samsung TQ83S90C reference emerged a few days ago. And if the month of September is mentioned in the title of this news, it is because on average a material validated by the RRA is marketed a hundred days later, that is to say between three and four months. With a Samsung TQ83S90C registration dated June 8, that would mean a mid-September release. So a possible, probable, presentation of this television at the next IFA show in Berlin which will be held from September 1 to 5.

Samsung TQ83S90C, the explanation of the limited performance of the TQ55/65/77S90C?

The emergence of the Samsung TQ83S90C involves some thinking. First of all about the origin of the Oled panel, LG Display (almost) sure. Indeed, except for secret-defense, Samsung Display does not manufacture at the time of writing these lines of 83-inch QD Oled panels. The only other OLED TV panel maker, LG Display, does. The Samsung TQ83S90C TV reference would therefore be the first to materialize the commercial agreement between LG Display and Samsung Electronics (see our news Oled Samsung/LG Display TV Agreement 2024-2026, it's signed!).

Next, the future Samsung TQ83S90C probably explains why Samsung wanted to limit the performance of its S90C series (see our Samsung S90C news, QD Oled Ultra HD 4K 55'', 65'' and 77'' TV with luminous peak at +1,500 nits) yet equipped with the same QD Oled panels as its S95C series (see our news Samsung S95C, QD Oled Ultra HD 4K 55'', 65'' and 77'' TV with luminous peak at +2 000 nits), besides the expected range effect. Indeed, as LG Display does not produce 83'' White Oled Meta/MLA panels in 2023, the performance of the latter will undoubtedly be close to that of the 2022 83'' White Oled panels, i.e. between 900 nits and 1 000 nits for the light peak, still close to those of QD Oled S90C TVs. We can therefore legitimately think that Samsung had in mind the addition of an 83 '' White Oled diagonal for its S90C series from the start and therefore sought to standardize the performance of the different screen sizes and therefore the different panels.