Scorn for the first time in 4K Ultra HD for its 60th anniversary

Directed in 1963 from the eponymous novel by Alberto Moravia, Contempt is undoubtedly Jean-Luc Godard's finest film. All the more reason to celebrate its 60th anniversary with an unprecedented 4K Ultra HD edition coming to Studiocanal on June 14, 2023.

Haunted by the specter of the history of cinema, evolving in a deserted setting, overlooked by statues of Greek gods, the characters of Contempt are "the castaways of the Western world", explained Godard, who died last September.

Capri is over

The story is that of screenwriter Paul Javal (Piccoli), hired by a film producer (Palance) to work on an adaptation of The Odyssey directed by Fritz Lang. Paul then leaves to settle in Capri, where the film was shot, with his wife Camille (Bardot). "Cinema, said Bazin, substitutes for our gaze a world that agrees with our desires."

"Contemplation is the history of this world," adds Godard at the end of the credits. How to escape unscathed from this magnificent film?

We only know for the moment that this 4K Ultra HD (HDR10) edition of Contempt is announced on June 14 at StudioCanal with Blu-Ray and Collector's booklet in addition. More info and visual of the packaging as soon as possible.

Note that Bardot, the six-episode mini-series by Danièle and Christopher Thomson, with Julia de Nunez and Victor Belmondo in the role of Vadim, will be broadcast at the end of April/beginning of May on France 2.