Disney price hike: minimal impact on subscribers

The rise in the price of Disney+ subscriptions at the end of last year in the USA did not scare subscribers away. What motivates Disney to raise prices here too?

When the new Disney+ subscription option interspersed with advertisements arrived in the United States last year, it was not cheaper since displayed at $7.99 per month, the price of the option “ normal” then in progress. The latter was for its part increased to $10.99, an increase of 38%.

“Besides the plate”, downright

According to a recent study by Antenna (via ChannelNews), this increase did not have the deleterious effect that some predicted. More specifically, 94% of Disney+ subscribers remained loyal to the platform despite this sudden increase of $4.50.

“In our drive to win new subscriptions around the world, I think we missed the plate in terms of pricing strategy, and we're finally starting to learn more about it and adapt accordingly,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said recently.

So don't be surprised if the Disney+ subscription in France - still priced at €8.99 per month - increases by the end of the year.