LG Z3 Evo, 8K TV: indicative price update from 77'' to 88''

As announced in our previous news on LG C3 TVs, with the indicative prices of all its references for France (see our LG C3 Evo news, update indicative prices from 42'' to 83'') the prices codes for the LG Oled TV range published a few days ago on the internet did not correspond to those planned for France. The prices being in order for our country are now known, we deliver to you those of the Oled Ultra HD 8K LG Z3 TV series equipped with a third generation Oled LG Display Meta panel.

Thus, in 2023, the Oled LG G3 TV series (see our LG G3 Evo news, indicative price update from 55'' to 97'') will not be the only one in the 2023 range equipped with Oled Meta panels (see our CES 23 news > LG Z3: Oled Ultra HD 8K TV with Oled Meta panel (MLA + Meta Booster)).

TV 8K LG Z3, the best Oled image 2023?

In view of the formidable image quality already offered by the LG Z2, the mix of 8K definition and an Oled Meta panel should offer an absolutely magnificent spectacle. Indeed, Oled Meta technology implements MLA (Micro Lenses Array) technology on the one hand, the Meta Booster function on the other hand (as such, the terms Evo and Brightness Booster Max should always be used within LG Electronics 2023 Oled TVs to qualify these new panels). Another significant advantage inherent in Meta tiles is lower energy consumption.

TV 8K LG Z3, indicative prices

Before going into more detail on the LG Z3 8K televisions, which are scheduled to be available in April, let's take a look at the indicative prices:

• €14,999 for the LG 77OLEDZ3

• €24,999 for the LG 88OLEDZ3