Abyss, True Lies, Titanic, Avatar in 2023 in 4K Ultra HD

Avatar and Abyss in 4K Ultra HD during 2023? We already suspected it at the end of 2022, now, that's for sure, even if still unofficial. And the list of James Cameron films very soon offered in 4K is growing. The proof in pictures.

The sea serpent that has been running at the bottom of the oceans since 2018 has just been zigzagged outright by our US colleague Bill Hunt of The Digital Bits: not only Abyss and Avatar have just been announced in 4K this year by Jon Landau him -even (the producer of Avatar, hard to find a better source), but also True Lies and Titanic. All this beautiful people will be available in 4K Ultra HD remastered in 2023, yes. Not in 2024.

During a filmed meeting with the press, answering pressing questions from Bill Hunt, Jon Landau answers him cash, probably a little too much, he jokes, for Disney's taste … Anyway, the info is dropped exclusively to Hunt. And according to the latter, at least two films will include a Blu-Ray 3D option.

Avatar HFR TruCut Motion version in 4K Ultra HD ?

However, it remains to be seen which version of Avatar will be available. Indeed, Avatar (and Titanic) have been remastered in HFR using the TruCut Motion process (see our news Titanic and Avatar remastered in 4K HDR and HFR TrueCut Motion) in order to preserve the cinematic aspect. We'll see if this technology will be used on the 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray versions.