Netflix still uses 15% of global bandwidth

Top 10 web applications using the most internet traffic to users.

The latest report from the American company Sandvine, a specialist in network equipment, demonstrates the importance of video in Internet use, but also and above all the Netflix phenomenon, which continues to break all records , to represent approximately 15% of the world's web resources in 2022.

Video streaming services, over 1/3 of the world's bandwidth

First in the world's Top 10 Web applications responsible for the majority of downlink internet traffic (flows received by users), Netflix therefore occupies 14.9% of it, the same figure as in 2018 when the latter exploded in five years. Not that the platform is observing stagnation, but competition is intensifying, and we note the arrival of Disney+ - another video service - which already occupies 4.5% of traffic after arriving at the end of 2019. It should be noted that the services of Video streaming takes up more than a third of global bandwidth, with YouTube at 11.6% and Amazon Prime Video at 2.8%.

Video game services and social networks

Social media and video games also stand out, with TikTok (3.9%), Facebook (2.9%), Playstation (3%) and Xbox (2.9%) also generating a share share of global downlink traffic in 2022. Illustration: Statista