Black Friday 2022 > Oled Ultra HD 4K LG CS TV: new series with 55'', 65'' and 77'' diagonal TV

Surprised, the manufacturer presented a new Oled TV series a few days ago, the LG CS. The latter, with three diagonals 55'', 65'' and 77'', is positioned between the LG C1 series and the LG C2 and should make people happy for the Black Friday period. Presentation.

The LG 2022 Oled TV range is therefore enriched with an additional TV series, the LG CS made up of the three references LG OLED55CS (140 cm), LG OLED65CS (165 cm) and LG OLED77CS (196 cm).

Why a new LG CS TV series?

Remember, already in 2021, we were talking about the possibility for 2022 of a contract between LG Display and Samsung Electronics for the supply of Woled (White Oled) TV panels from the first to the second. Mentioned several times, the contract will never be finalized, the fault of a reversal of the world TV market, mainly following the war in Ukraine, Samsung accompanying a significant drop in sales of television sets. But there is no doubt, with these repeated contacts for nearly nine months between LG Display and Samsung (see our news Negotiations Oled TV Samsung / LG Display, everything is decided in May…), that the Korean manufacturer of panels Oled had advanced a little bit the finalization of an agreement with the production of additional slabs, stored pending signature.

If we add to this a downturn in the world, or even a recession for some countries (United Kingdom, Germany, etc.), overall TV sales were lower than expected. As a result, manufacturers and brands have stock in warehouses, this is among others the case of LG Display and LG Electronics (see our LG Display news, one-off stoppage of Oled TV production due to the drop in sales) .

The LG group has therefore decided on a strategy to remedy the problem, the addition to the brand's catalog of a new OLED TV series, the LG CS, available in many countries around the world and displayed at an attractive price for the Black Friday period, the Football World Cup and the holiday season.

Zoom on the evolution of LG CS Oled TVs

In short, LG CS TVs can be likened to LG C1 TVs boosted with the new Alpha 9 Gen5 processor and its associated algorithms, plus the new WebOS 22 interface (click on the link to find out all about this unprecedented ergonomics) which gives pride of place to content and now offers profile management. With it, the Launch Bar disappears in favor of a proposal close to that of Google TV or Android TV. As you will have understood, LG CS TVs do not have an Evo panel (unlike the LG C2 of 55 '' and more), the same goes for the Always Ready mode allowing, for example, TV in standby, to press a key on the remote control to vocally ask the TV for the weather, the time, the broadcast of a playlist or even the display of a photo or activate an artistic slideshow.

For the rest, we find the characteristics of LG C2 TVs. The new Alpha 9 Gen5 processor in charge of video processing (see our CES 22 news > New Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor for LG Oled TV and QNED Mini LED), still has four major and distinct steps to purge video noise. Unlike the Oled TV series of previous years, instead of being produced one after the other, these are here produced in one go. Which, in the end, translates into an increase in image quality, the risk of error between two steps being reduced. Thanks to the power of Alpha 9 Gen 5.

The increased resources of the latter reinforce the performance of the AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro processes still present: the first is based on a Deep Learning program (image processing is adapted to the nature of the content for optimized on-screen display with, to be noted, a new Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro algorithm that will subdivide the screen into more independent areas for increased overall colorimetric fidelity). Ditto for the second, modulo the audio content with the possibility of a virtual 7.1.2 audio environment from a stereo signal in order to improve sound immersion.

While Alpha 9 Gen 5 increasingly accurately identifies faces and text displayed on the screen to optimize settings, in 2022 it also distinguishes objects and the bodies of individuals on the screen. Result, a sharpness announced on the rise and a skin tone never faulted. Similarly, the Auto Genre Selection function recognizes more precisely and automatically the nature of the content displayed on the screen and selects the optimum settings (film, sport, SD definition, HD, etc.).

Returning to the new WebOS 22 interface, in addition to many flagship services now present, the Game Optimizer vintage 2022 mode (new Dark Room mode) brings together all the TV settings involved with a video game signal and authorizes the user to configure them individually as he wishes.

TV Oled LG CS, the other specifications

Otherwise, many specifications hardly change from one year to the next. We list the main ones below:

• A Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro color conversion table (3DLUT) with nearly 36,000 color correction points for perfect accuracy, better image depth by managing the different focal planes via the Object Depth process Enhancer, and increased precision of image sharpness

• The BFI (Black Frame Insertion) mode remains identical to that of last year

• The anti-reflective filter inaugurated in 2018 is still in use. It avoids magenta chromatic shifts on dark scenes, or even when the TV is off, visible on LG Oled TVs until 2016

• LG Oled TVs are capable of carrying a Dolby Atmos audio signal (with conversion virtual 7.1.2) via the eARC function of the HDMI socket. This is to retrieve the Dolby Atmos soundtracks available from Netflix for example.

• Wisa compatibility to enjoy TV sound, up to 5.1, on appropriate speakers, i.e. wireless

• ThinQ AI Smart TV function

• 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs (48 Gb/s)

• ALLM and VRR compatibility (from 40 Hz to 120 Hz)

• a 4K Ultra HD HFR signal (120 frames per second) via the HDMI connectors

• Direct integration of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants

• VP9 and AV1 compatibility via HDMI or USB

• Label HGiG (HDR Gaming interest Group)

• G-Sync and FreeSync compatibility

• Bluetooth Surround function (to use LG Bluetooth speakers as a surround speaker in a multi-channel setup)

• Filmmaker mode

• Voice control (Hi LG or Alexa) thanks to the microphones integrated into the TV (without the need for the remote control)

• Absolutely splendid design: on the wall, on a stand with the Gallery Stand or the Floor Stand (see photos more bottom), the result is magnificent

• Sport Alert function to be informed in real time, via superimposed notification of the displayed image of the news of his favorite team (score, upcoming matches…)

LG CS: HDR10, HDR Dolby Vision, HDR HLG and Dolby Vision IQ

There is also a native 100 Hz flat OLED Ultra HD 10-bit panel and the Perfect Color (99% of the DCI-P3 color space) and True Color Accuracy Pro functions for unprecedented color accuracy.

Also on the menu, the AI 4K Upscaling UHD algorithm capable of magnifying SD/HD sources to Ultra HD and a slim 2.2 sound bar delivering a total power of 40 W (2 x 10 W + 20 W for the subwoofer). Not to mention HEVC 2 160p/50 and 2 160p/60 compatibility, codec used for HD VOD and Ultra HD Blu-Ray.

The 4K Cinema HDR function is associated with HDR10, HDR Dolby Vision and HDR HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) compatibility. Also present, the Dolby Vision IQ process to take advantage of a Dolby Vision HDR image that is always perfectly set regardless of the surrounding light conditions, plus the HDR called HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro already mentioned. And the result is convincing with more details in very bright and dark areas.

In addition to this, we note the Ultra Luminance Pro function to further improve the dynamic range of the image. This is capable of boosting brightness by transferring unused light energy from dark areas of the image to bright areas.

LG CS, Smart TV ThinQ AI

LG OLED CS displays of course offer the LG ThinQ AI 2022 function. As already mentioned above, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are integrated. These voice assistants are both accessible directly on the remote control via a dedicated button but also through the TV, without the need for the zappette). In addition to exchanging vocally directly with your screen, as with a Google Home or Amazon Echo speaker, it is possible to control by voice through the TV other Google Assistant and Alexa certified devices shared on the local network. All of this provides access to the internet and specific services (LG App Store online store, chat on social networks, etc.), or directly to the web as on a computer. Of course, Miracast, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 6, AirPlay 2 and HomeKit are on the menu again.

Otherwise, ThinQ AI has its own AI module to drive the TV easily and quickly. But the Conversational mode available on Alexa and even more so on Google Assistant is not relevant here. ThinQ AI is perfect for giving the TV a command, such as "Volume up" or "Turn on Cinema mode", but it's Google Assistant that takes over during a more in-depth question, on an actor displayed on the screen. 'screen or more generally to search for information related or not to the broadcast content.

Don't forget either that the Magic Remote includes a microphone for ergonomics, via voice command, which is always excellent. WebOS 22 also allows you to enjoy 360° videos directly on the TV screen and to use the Magic Remote to move around in the image.

LG CS, and the rest?

For the rest, there is a simple DVB-T2, DVB-S2 and DVB-C tuner, an Auto Level function (to avoid sudden changes in sound volume when changing source), Fransat and Canal certifications Ready, HBBTV compatibility, the DVR function to record your favorite programs via one of the three USB Host 2.0 ports on a suitable key or an external HDD, all associated with the Time Shifting function. Of course, a virtual keyboard is available via the LG Remote iOS/Android/Windows Phone application to use suitable smartphones/tablets as remote controls.

Don't forget either that the Magic Remote includes a microphone for ergonomics, via voice command, which is always excellent. WebOS also allows you to enjoy 360° videos directly on the TV screen and to use the Magic Remote to move around in the image.

Finally, the Input Lag should display around 10.5 ms in 1080p/60 and 5.5 ms in 2160p/120 with the HDR Game mode.

HDMI 2.1/HDCP 2.3

Connectivity brings together four HDCP 2.3 certified HDMI CEC 2.1 inputs, one of which has the eARC function. There is also an optical output plus three USB Host ports (including one 3.0) Fat32 and NTFS compatible, a CI+ port and an Ethernet port. In addition to VP9 and AV1, MP3, AAC, PCM, WMA, VC-1 and Jpeg compatibility is assured, with the MKV container. Finally, there is the LG Sound Sync Wireless function to automatically turn on / off, like the TV, a brand sound bar for example. Still present, Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility.

Immediate availability. Indicative prices for Black Friday: €1,099 for the LG OLED55CS, €1,599 for the LG OLED65CS and €2,599 for the LG OLED77CS.

Reminder of the key characteristics of LG OLED CS TVs:

• 10-bit panel

• 100 Hz panel

• Oled panel

• Ultra HD/4K panel

• Processor: Alpha 9 Gen 5

• Wide Color Gamut function

• UPnP (DLNA) multimedia gateway function

• eARC function

• VRR function

• ALLM function (Auto Low Latency Mode)

• Billion Rich Color function

• Upscaler HDR function

• Time Shifting function

• LG Sound Sync Wireless function

• Ultra Luminance Pro function

• BFI (Black Frame Insertion) function

• 4K HFR 120 function

• AI Sound Pro function

• AI Picture Pro function

• Advanced Color Enhancer function

• Oled Motion Pro function

• Auto Volume Level function

• Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro function

• HDR10 and HDR HLG compatibility

• NTFS compatibility (via USB)

• Miracast compatibility

• HDR Dolby Vision compatibility

• HDCP 2.3 compatibility

• HEVC compatibility

• NFC compatibility

• Compatibility Dolby Atmos compatibility

• HBBTV compatibility

• Fransat compatibility

• Wi-Fi Direct compatibility

• CEC compatibility

• Wisa compatibility

• Canal Ready compatibility

• Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility

• Wi-Fi ac compatibility

• AV1 compatibility

• VP9 compatibility

• G-Sync compatibility

• HDCP 2.3 compatibility

• Filmmaker Mode certification

• Outputs: 1 optical output, 1 mini-Jack 3.5 mm

• Inputs: 4 HDMI 2.1 compatible HDCP 2.3, CEC, eARC, 3 USB 2.0 Fat32 compatible ports, exFat and NTFS, 1 CI+ port, 1 Ethernet port

• AirPlay 2 multimedia

• HomeKit multimedia

• Amazon Alexa multimedia

• Google Assistant multimedia

• LG ThinQ multimedia AI

• Multimedia WebOS 22

• Input Lag: 10 ms (5.5 ms at 4K/120)

• Bright peak: around 700 nits

• DVB-T2 tuner

• DVB-C tuner

• DVB-S2 tuner

• Sound section: 2.2

• Power: 40 W (2 x 10 W + 20 W for the subwoofer)

• Energy label: G ( SDR & HDR) for the 55''/65'', F in SDR and G in HDR for the 77''