Belle: pre-order alert for Hosoda's animated wonder in 4K Ultra HD

Belle, the new animated film by Mamoru Hosoda, will be available for 4K pre-order at All The Anime in a Collector's Edition from April 28th. The work will also be available on Blu-Ray, DVD and collector's box sets starting June 29.

Suzu, a tormented teenager living in a remote place, leads a secret double life. Because when she connects to the virtual world of U, Suzu becomes Belle. And this avatar is an essential musical star followed by several billion followers. When she meets the Beast, as fascinating as it is frightening, on U, Suzu decides to find out more, at the risk of jeopardizing her own double identity.

1,500 copies for 4K on pre-order

Signed by Mamoru Hosoda of Studio Chizu, one of Miyazaki's possible successors (The Wolf Children, The Boy and the Beast, The Crossing of Time), Belle, a reinterpretation of a famous tale, will be shown on video on 29 June. The Collector 4K/Blu-Ray version with Japanese original soundtrack (OST), limited to 1,500 copies, will be available for pre-order from April 28 at an indicative price of 79.99 euros.

An almost unprecedented film

When it was released in theatres, Belle enjoyed an excellent critical reception, hailing its classy aesthetic - usual with Hosoda - but above all its resolutely feminist modernization of a classic. The film, unfortunately released on December 29, unfortunately only met a little over a hundred thousand spectators in dark rooms. This opulent Home Cinema release will certainly earn it a much wider echo.