Sony Bravia XR 2021 TV: VRR update available

Announced in our columns about a week ago, the VRR update to Sony's 2021 TV range is now a reality.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the new Firmware for the Sony 2021 TV range (see the list of models below) is available on the brand's website. It should also be downloadable directly from the TV menu in the Update section.

List of Sony Bravia XR TVs affected by VRR

As a reminder, the TV series affected by the addition of VRR management are as follows:

• Sony X85J LED TV

• Sony X86J LED TV

• Sony X89J LED TV

• Sony X90J LED TV

• Sony X95J LED TV

• Sony Z9J LED TV

• Sony A80J Oled TV

• Sony A90J Oled TV

However, this new Firmware offers a multitude of new features (to discover on the screenshot above), for example Dolby Atmos compatibility and Ultra HD 4K duplication via AirPlay.