Kef KF92 subwoofer test, online

The British manufacturer has many subwoofers in its catalog and has real know-how in the field. The opportunity for the editorial staff of to grill the Kef KF92 model, a beautiful baby capable of magnifying Hi-Fi and Home Cinema listening.

Able to be combined with a pair of Kef LS50 Wireless II bookshelf speakers to create a perfectly seated 2.1 system in the low frequencies, or with large columns to reinforce the impact of the bass, but also to a multi-channel home cinema system to support the most demonstrative soundtracks of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters, the Kef KF92 is incredibly versatile.

Kef KF92, a monster presence

And no need to prolong the suspense any longer, its monstrous performances are a real added value for all audio or audio-video shows. Stereo track or multi-channel mix, the Kef KF92 delivers its growls always wisely for a frank and full sound. To know our impressions of this subwoofer from the British manufacturer, immediately click on the following link to discover its complete test: Kef KF92