JVC HA FW1000T, first True Wireless headphones with wooden diaphragm

The JVC HA FW1000T are shaking up the True Wireless headphone market with wooden diaphragms.

JVC introduces the world's first True Wireless headphones with wooden diaphragms, the HA-FW1000T. Why wood? Quite simply for its properties of speed of propagation of sound and vibrations, as well as its maturation which improves the quality of the sound as time passes.

JVC HA-FW1000T, audiophile wood material?

According to JVC, this model has a sound quality comparable to that of wired audiophile headphones, with in particular adjustments made by the engineers of the brand's studios with the aim of a detailed reproduction as close as possible to the original sound.

Namely, the use of wood material for the speakers is not a first for the Japanese manufacturer. We can for example mention the JVC EX-A10 mini-system, already equipped with the K2 function (to improve the sound of compressed files) present on the JVC HA-FW1000T, still used daily in the office by yours truly.

JVC HA-FW1000T, built-in active noise reduction

The Spiral Dot Pro tips have been developed to avoid parasitic resonances by adding dimples to the internal walls of the headphones. Note, Qualcomm's Hybrid Active Noise Canceling noise reduction technology, as well as an Ambient Sound mode, which allows you to lower the volume in order to hear the surrounding sounds, to carry on a conversation for example.

Qualcomm also provides another technology with Bluetooth 5.2 APT-X Adaptive High-Resolution 96kHz/24-bit compatible audio codec. For autonomy, it necessarily varies depending on the activation of noise reduction and K2 mode, but it displays a maximum of 9 hours for the headphones, 27 hours with two refills available in the case.

Immediate availability. Indicative price: 399 euros.