Samsung Display TV QD Oled: Kateeva's choice for the Quantum Dots layer

While the first production line of QD Oled panels signed by Samsung Display is today entirely based on machines from the Korean company Semes, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, the screen manufacturer has recently decided to entrust the American firm Kateeva the crucial step of the Quantum Dots color conversion layer.

After having studied the Oled Printing processes (derived from that of inkjet printers), for the stage of making red and green QD filters, the American Kateeva and the Korean Semes, the most important equipment supplier of the country, Samsung Display had decided in 2021 to contract exclusively with its subsidiary for the establishment of the first production of QD Oled panels.

QD Oled Samsung Display panels, Kateeva to the rescue of Semes?

Alas, even if it has improved since the start of the SDC 8.5-Gen Q1 production line, the yield promised by Semes has not been met and has stagnated for several weeks now above 50% (to be clear, almost half of the QD Oled panels produced would not be of sufficient quality to be exploited and would therefore end up in the pestle). In question, the CC (Color Converter) step which consists of implanting the nanocrystals (Quantum Dots) in the QD Oled panel. As the saying goes: “Only your own are ever betrayed”…

; machines from the American firm Kateeva, initially discarded.

Besides a higher yield, the acquisition cost of the Kateeva machines would be less expensive for Samsung Display than that of the Semes machines (we don't give each other gifts in the Samsung family…).