Philips OLED706, Philips OLED806 and OLED856 OLED TVs: 4K/120 VRR Full Definition Update

Good news for owners of a Philips OLED706, Philips OLED806 or Philips OLED856 Oled TV, the manufacturer should soon offer a Firmware update for the 4K/120 VRR function.

On Philips OLED706, Philips OLED806 (see photo below) or Philips OLED856 televisions, displaying a 4K/120 signal in VRR offers only half the vertical resolution, i.e. 1,080 pixels in height at instead of 2160 pixels.

4K/120 VRR, yes on Philips OLED 706/806/856 TVs, no on Philips OLED936/986

With the update currently conconcted by TP Vision engineers, this same signal will therefore be displayed in full definition, i.e. 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, for the frequency range 48 Hz to 120 Hz. Unfortunately, the Philips OLED936 and Philips OLED986 TVs will not be able to take advantage of it, the fault of the onboard P5 Dual Engine processors (see for example our OLED Philips OLED936 TV news, new P5 Dual Engine, Ambilight 4 sides, Android TV 10 and bar of its B&W 3.1.2). This structure, which combines two chips for greater computing power, blocks, for the moment, the possibility of implementing this update.

However, there is still a slim hope, Philips having confirmed that it is still studying the feasibility of bringing the 4K HFR120 and VRR functionality to the OLED936/986 screens.