CES 22> Samsung 65 '' UHD 4K QD-Display TV: QD Oled technology and already winner of a CES 2022 Best of Innovation Awards

If the officialization of the QD Oled technology was the work of Sony with the presentation a few hours ago of the Sony A95K series, the QD Oled TVs signed Samsung are making their official appearance on the CES site in Las Vegas 2022. The 65 '' model is indeed awarded a CES 2022 Best of Innovation Awards. We note on this occasion that the name chosen by Samsung is QD-Display.

If the QD Oled Samsung TVs based on the QD Oled technology offered by Samsung Display (see our news QD Oled Samsung Display TV panels under study by Panasonic and Sony) were not highlighted during the communication of the brand last weekend on the TV 2022 range, they are nevertheless very topical, officially unveiled a few hours ago under the name QD-Display.

TV Samsung QD-Display 65 '', winner of a CES 2022 Best of Innovation Awards

Indeed, the Samsung QD-Display 65 '' (165 cm) television has pointed the end of its organic diodes and its nanocrystals in the list of winners of the CES 2022 Best of Innovation Awards (see photo below ). The advantages of QD Oled TV panels, according to Samsung Display, lie in better colorimetry, improved viewing angles plus, of course, perfect blacks like those offered by classic Oled TVs (White Oled signed LG Display) .