CES 22> Hisense LX8K 8K Ultra HD Laser TV, specification update

After a second news dedicated to the Laser TV Hisense LX8K8 published last week to discuss its price, its availability and some technical details, here is a third about its nature and the diagonal of the screen that will be supplied with the 'electronic.

Of course, the information published in our second update on the Hisense LX8K 8K Ultra HD Laser TV is still relevant, namely a marketing expected in 2023, the integration of a 4.1.2 audio system and an indicative price fixed at 15,000 euros.

Hisense LX8K in the Laser TV family?

Mentioned in our news on the Hisense LX8K, the nature of the prototype presented by the Chinese brand is a 2/3 room or back room projector. However, after analyzing the information from our correspondent at CES obtained from the brand's representatives on the stand, it appears that the final Hisense LX8K will indeed be a full member of the Laser TV family. Understand by that that it will be marketed in the form of an ultra-short throw projector. Similarly, we know more about the screen supplied with the LX8K, the latter will adopt a diagonal 120 '' (305 cm).

Hisense LX8K, 8K displayed from DLP 4K matrices

Finally, concerning the Ultra HD 8K definition, there too we know more. The 7,680 x 4,320 pixels advertised by Hisense are generated from DLP Ultra HD 4K matrices associated with e-Shift technology based on extremely fast lateral and diagonal movement of the matrices.